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The Saba University School of Medicine

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The view of the school from above, click to enlarge The rear of the building, click to enlarge
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Left: The view from above. Above: The rear of the building. Below: The spiral staircase which seperates the exterior lobby from the interior classroom space.
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The spiral staircase, click to enlarge
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The Medical School is a three phase project.
Phases I and II were completed in 2002. They
included a classroom and administration building,
cafeteria and kitchen compound, library, seminar
rooms and an anatomy lab.
     The lab has a specialized airconditioning
system that constantly circulates fresh air into
the building. Phase 3, which is still in the
design process, will include an auditorium and
faculty facilities. The school, built in a valley in
The Bottom, was designed with the unique
Saban charm in mind. It has the traditional
green shutters, red roof, and white walls.
The entrance to the school, Click to enlarge
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