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Planned Ecumenical Church
Emilio Wilson Historical and Cultural Park,
Emilio Wilson Estate, Cul de Sac
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The interior, Click to enlarge! The Lawn at Emilio Wilson Estate, Click to enlarge!
Top: Drawing of the chapel with its large windows, stone-faced entrance, and bell tower.
Above: Drawing of the interior, looking towards the stone-faced altar recess.
Right: Emilio Wilson Park during the recent
"Art in the Park" fair.
     An ecumenical chapel is planned for Emilio Wilson Estate. The chapel
will be used for weddings, community meetings, non-denominational services,
performances, and fund raisers.
The design reflects traditional chapels with a stone foundation and timber
roof. The entrance nook and the altar recess will both be encased in local
stone. The entrance, a small verandah, will have large doors leading into the
interior space. The chapel will be cooled by ceiling fans and large shuttered
windows. Plans also include a small office, toilet, and changing room.
Sentry hill overlooks the Park      The Emilio Wilson Historical
and Cultural Park is a new feature
on St. Maarten. The property,
located in Cul de Sac, is part of
the original Emilio Wilson Estate.
The park is used for weddings, cultural events, school projects, fund raisers, and gatherings.
The Park's lush vegetation
Left: Sentry hill.
Right: The Estate's
lush vegetation.
Floor Plan and Site Plan
Altar Section and Main Elevation
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